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Carl DalBon
Rating: 5

This CD is REAL TREAT!!. I stopped watching baseball after the strike in 1994. My friend bought this and recommended it to me. I thoroughly enjoy every broadcast. Great commentary, old commercials everything that I remember from my youth. Obviously some are way before my time but great to hear Gehrig's name in a real broadcast, Also the likes of Greenberg, Lazzeri etc. This is a must for the PURE fan.

Antar Sangit
Rating: 5

I thought that if this package was anything near what they describe, it would be awesome....and it is. I highly recommend this if you are a baseball geek. What were Goose Goslin's habits in the batters box? What was the main difference between the 34 Cardinals and the 34 Tigers that won't show up in box scores? You learn all these facts you could never learn otherwise except from listening to the actual games. The quality of the audio varies, and a few of the 30s games take some more engaged listening, as it sounds like they're transferred from scratchy vinyl. But hey, I'm just happy they exist and I can hear Hank Greenberg take an at bat. Most sound pretty clear. This set is priceless, really.