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Greg Wood
Rating: 4

So far I have only watched the first 6 films, so this review is based on just that experience. The film quality is as good as I could have imagined it to be and I have had no problem playing the DVD-Rs (actually, I rip them to hard disc and watch them from there, using a program of my own devising in conjunction with VLC, which I find is more convenient than handling DVDs. I did have problems ripping them using WinXDVD, so I used other methods, proving that the problem was with WinXDVD). I do, however, need to turn the volume up more than for most other DVDs, but once the volume has been turned up, the audio quality is, again, as good as can be expected. And, "as good as can be expected" is really quite adequate. I found the shows, themselves, to be well scripted, well acted, very entertaining, and usually with a healthy dose of humour. Some, of course are better than others, but that's only to be expected. If you enjoy the old Charlie Chan, Mr. Moto, Mr. Wong, Sherlock Holmes (with Basil and Nigel), The Thin Man, The Saint, and The Falcon movies, then you are sure to enjoy these movies as well.

Ava Halpin
Rating: 5

love this set, very entertaining and well done. had no problem with the episodes. Was able to watch all episodes. would recommend this set to anyone who is interested in black and white mystery shows.